Nightmare on the Boulevard
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Nightmare on the Blvd 2023

Date: Oct 06 - Oct 29, 2023


Enjoy a little scare? Nightmare on the Boulevard opens October 6. Take a spin on the Carousel of Pain at the Stormont Vail Events Center.

Topeka’s largest indoor haunted house welcomes you through the terrifying spiral of events that helped misshape Dr. Jacobson. Step inside to experience the Jacobson family's taxidermy business as they experiment with more life-like subjects. Come witness the madness for yourself October 6th through October 29th, but beware, once you’re on this carousel of pain, death may be the only way out.

Nightmare on the Boulevard is a Jinxed Production.

Open Dates & Hours -
Friday, Oct 6: 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 7: 7pm-11pm

Friday, Oct 13: 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 14: 7pm-11pm

Thursday, Oct 19 (*BLACK OUT NIGHT) - 7pm-10pm
Friday, Oct 20: 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 21: 7pm-11pm

Thursday, Oct 26 (*DEAD ON THE BOULEVARD) - 7pm-10pm
Friday, Oct 27: 7pm-11pm
Saturday, Oct 28: 7pm-11pm
Sunday, Oct 29: 6pm-9pm


Are you ready to experience Nightmare on the Boulevard like you're the one pulling all the strings? Get the exclusive VIP Experience and be THE SCARE! Reach new heights of terror as you navigate through the unearthly haunt. Get your VIP tickets today!


-Two Fast Passes to the Haunt

-1 Chance at Both Escape Rooms

-Behind-the-Scenes & Scare Participation Opportunities

(subject to time and availability)

-Meet & Greet Photo Opportunity with Haunt Characters

To purchase your VIP tickets, please contact Aimee Craig: | 785-251-5522

BLACK OUT NIGHT - Surrender yourself to the darkness. Ex Hall will be plunged into pitch black as you navigate your way to, from and through the terrifying Carousel of Pain.

DEAD ON THE BOULEVARD - Dead on the Boulevard is a new kind of haunt that will change how you view the haunted house experience. It’s an interactive gaming style haunted house designed to test your skills as if you were in a real horror movie. Our unchained and unhinged serial killers are spread throughout the abandoned haunted house waiting for unwilling victims. Some killers are blind, some can’t hear, some have powers beyond your imagination. Your mission? Outsmart our killers and get out alive! All you must do is discover our killers’ weaknesses and find your way through our terrifyingly new adventure. This ain't your momma's haunted house!

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TICKET PRICES - Onsale Wednesday, August 3


$15 Regular ($18 Day Of) at Cable Dahmer Box Office or Additionally online fees may apply.

Want to skip to the front of the line? Purchase the Fast Pass Upgrade for $15! (Available day-of only)

The Haunted House is open to all ages; however, entry is up to parents' discretion. Ages 13+ are mostly likely to enjoy this Haunted Experience.

Group Experiences available for groups of 10 or more! Contact Aimee at for more information.


Two themed Escape Rooms provided by NOTO Escapes!

$13 each at Cable Dahmer Box Office. (Available day-of only)

Escape Room 1: Sinister Sideshow -

Dr. William Jacobson has inherited one of the most prominent amusement carnivals in the U.S. The great Dr. has been morphing the sideshow performers into monstrous beings employing electricity and electrotherapy techniques, ensuing fear instead of amusement. The once vibrant and lively carnival grounds have now mutated into a chilling playground for the doctor’s macabre experiments.

Under the cloak of dark you and your friends have made a decision that could be called heroic or asinine. The outcome will be determined by you and your team. You plan to voyage into the Sinister Sideshow to release any remaining tortured souls. In 15 minutes, the Dr. will revisit his playing ground as he does every evening. Will you be his next victim or the Savior? Time will soon tell.

Escape Room 2: Bloodstains and Biopsies -

Dr. William Jacobson hails from a lineage of renowned taxidermist and skilled butchers, found his calling in medicine and neurology after many years as the butcher's apprentice. However, residues of a macabre familial tradition persist, warping his professional perspective into a terrifying blend of traditional therapy and chilling escapades.

This evening you and your allies have proposed a bold move that could put you all in harm’s way. You will infiltrate the Dr's lab to set free the patients that are captive and have been tortured for decades. The doctor routinely runs his rounds every 15 minutes. Will you become a pawn, a casualty, or the hero you were always destined to be?

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